Here Is What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality

People have made connections between personality and sleep position for decades. When we fall asleep our bodies are controlled by our unconscious mind, therefore the position you sleep in can tell a lot about your worries, thoughts, and feelings.

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Do you fall asleep on your stomach or back? Find out what your sleeping position says about your personality in this list compiled by Meaww. 

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1. The fetal position

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A lot of people sleep lying on their side with their knees pulled towards the chest. It’s one of the most popular sleeping positions. If you sleep like this you are a tough person with a sensitive soul. You feel deep empathy for the people around you, but you also get easily offended and hurt.

2. The log position

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If you sleep on your back with your hands by the side and straight you are an honest person who loves hanging out with people. You are surrounded by a lot of friends and often attend social events.

3. The starfish

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If your arms and legs are splayed out all over the place you are a laid back person who loves taking care of others and helping people. Nothing is holding you back and you always chase your dreams.

4. The Stargazer

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People who sleep in this position are imaginative individuals who love creating. These people also like to have deep conversations about anything and everything.

5. Side sleepers

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People who sleep on their side are witty souls who are easy to hang with. This position is also perfect for cuddling which shows that these people will protect what they love.

6. Stomach sleeper

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If you sleep on your stomach with your hands under the pillow you are a thoughtful, cautious person who is really good at keeping secrets and negotiating. However, people who sleep like this can also be manipulative to get the things they want.

7. The thinker

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People who sleep in this position are wonderers who aim for the high ideals of life and work towards perfection. They are very detail oriented and they are very certain about their thoughts.

8. The pillow hugger

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People who hug their pillow when they sleep are very trusting people, open to others. They are also very protective and will do anything to keep their friends and family safe.

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These are some of the basic sleeping positions, however, most of us switch through different sleeping positions through the night. Our thoughts, too, change when we are asleep.

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