12+ Pictures Of Sleepy Animals In Case You Were Having A “Ruff” Day

If you’re an animal lover, then you will most likely agree that animals are much better company than humans are. They’re cuddly, they’re cute, they miss you when you go away, and they will never break your heart or let you down.

Despite not being able to reply to you, you still reveal all your problems to them and their sympathetic little faces look as if they understand exactly what you mean.

So, it’s no wonder that if you’re having a bad day, the only thing that could probably cheer you up is a few insanely adorable animal pictures. While animals are already cute as it is, there’s no arguing they become even more adorable when they are sleeping.

So, if you’re having a bad day, or someone close to you is, or would just like to see some sleeping animals (because, why not), then this is the place for you.

Scroll down to see:


1. This very photogenic cat…

Source: UnSplash / Sabri Tuzcu


2. This raccoon, who was so tired anything looked like a bed and a blanket

Source: UnSplash / Successfully Canadian


3. This hog who took a nap in the middle of looking for the needle in the haystack

Source: UnSplash / Jon Butterworth


4. This tiger, who is nothing but a sleepy (big) kitty

Source: UnSplash / Martin Kníže


5. This pug, who had a “ruff” day

Source: UnSplash / Matthew Henry


6. This sloth, who is sleeping in style

Source: UnSplash / Nikolas Noonan


7. This Shih Tzu, who seems to be melting

Source: UnSplash / Adam Grabek


8. This Chihuahua, who just made me yawn as well

Source: UnSplash / Blake Lipthratt


9. This bear, who is pre-gaming his hibernation

Source: UnSplash / Daniele Levis Pelusi


10. This koala, who’s tired and will nap anywhere, anyhow!

Source: UnSplash / David Clode


11. This Bulldog puppy, who has the wrinkliest, cutest, sleeping face ever

Source: UnSplash / Isaac Davis


12. This cat, who is the embodiment of all of us after a good meal

Source: UnSplash / Jacalyn Beales


13. This seal, who’s actually kinda rude – move over, don’t hog the bench

Source: UnSplash / Jackman Chiu


14. This cat, who’s had enough studying for today

Source: UnSplash / Aziz Acharki


15. This lamb, whose little smile is making us all melt

Source: UnSplash / Daniel Sandvik


16. This puppy, who wants to be cradled and will have it no other way

Source: UnSplash / freestocks.org


17. This red panda, who seems to be enjoying soaking up some sun

Source: UnSplash / Lance Anderson


18. And this lioness, who’s getting some well-deserved rest after a long day

Source: UnSplash / Sander Wehkamp


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