6 Tricks To Make Your Face Look Slimmer With The Help Of Makeup

Believe it or not, makeup is very important when it comes to defining the shape of your face. If you apply it correctly, it can enhance your face and make it look even thinner. To learn how to do that, below you can see six pro tips to make your face look slimmer instantly, courtesy of StyleCraze.


1. Cover your dark circles

Cover your dark circles with a concealer and blend it with the rest of your face. Also, apply a highlighter on the inner and outer corners to make them stand out. This will make your face appear slimmer immediately.


2. Use a bronzer


One of the most effective tricks is to apply bronzer correctly to your face. It will instantly look like you have lost 10 pounds. Just apply it along your jawline for more definition and create a contour by blending the shade.

Watch this video to check out the best bronzer makeup.

Source: Stylecraze Beauty

3. Define your brows

The higher the eyebrow the more balanced look it will create a round face.


4. Try contouring

Swipe some contouring powder down the sides the bridge of your nose for a thinner nose. To complete this effect, blend the highlighter in a vertical line down the bridge of your nose.


5. Make your eyes appear larger

The larger your eyes, the slimmer the face. Experiment with an eyeliner and mascara and use an eyeshadow that looks good with your skin tone. Keep your lips natural with a nude lip gloss.


Watch this tutorial for an eye glitter that makes your eyes pop.

Source: Stylecraze Beauty

6. Use a highlighter

Apply highlighter on the forehead, center of your forehead and cheekbones. It will help elongate the face and lift your features.


Watch this video to know how to apply a highlighter:

Source: Stylecraze Beauty

Try these tricks next time and see what happens!

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From: stylecraze

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