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Hacks To Make Your Small Apartment More Spacious And Neat

Hacks To Make Your Small Apartment More Spacious And Neat

Everyone wants to have a spacious, open place to live in which has a designated place for everything. However, with the way modern life is nowadays, most people do not have a huge house or apartment in which they can get creative. Usually, especially if you live in a big city, all you have is a small apartment which barely holds all your things and because of that, ends up looking disorganized and messy.

But that doesn’t mean you just have to resign yourself to the fact it’s always going to look like that. There are lots of organizational hacks you can use to give yourself more space and make your small apartment look bigger. Scroll down to see them:


1. Get rid of your ironing board

While it makes for easier ironing, if you lack the space for it, it’s better to just omit it. Instead, use an ironing mat which you can spread on a table then fold and tuck away in a closet when you don’t need it.

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2. Get yourself some pegboards

Pegboards can be used in a number of ways in any room in your home, from the kitchen to your bedroom. You can hang your pots and pans or your makeup and other beauty tools, and even art and crafts supplies. You could also hand flowers and use it for decoration.


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3. Hide your cords away

Having cords everywhere will just make any room look messy and disorganized, not to mention they’re an eyesore. So, if possible, tuck them away out of sight – you can scotch tape them, zip tie them, or put them in an empty closed space.


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4. Get a coffee table with storage space

Not only will it give you extra drawers to store things such as books and magazines in, but it also looks more unique and interesting.

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5. Get creative with bedside tables

You could save yourself some space by choosing to omit a bedside table in lieu of something like the bed below, with a headboard that doubles as drawers. There are also beds with storage space under the bed, which will both save your things from the dust and store them effectively.

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6. Hang your kitchen utilities

Not only will this give you a lot of storage space on the cabinets previously filled with all your pots and pans, but they’re now much more accessible too! (Remember the pegboards?)


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7. Don’t let any usable space go to waste

While that would have previously been a random, empty corner, it’s now both decorative and useful.

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8. Choose furniture you can use for multiple purposes

Like this cabinet which can turn into a table when you open the door. It could be used in the kitchen, or as a desk in a home office. The possibilities are endless.


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9. Choose a multi-purpose bed

Such a bed is great if you have a kid and little room. You could make an entire mini-room under the bed!


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10. Organize everything

From toys to sewing supplies, to art supplies find everything a place, even if it’s just in small plastic containers from the dollar store.


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11. Choose smaller shelves

Smaller shelves like the one below can fit in any space, and they can also hold quite a bit. Boxier, wooden shelves tend to take up more space, but hold less.


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