10 Useful Smartphone Hacks You Need To Know

It is so much fun to learn new hacks every now and then because in some way they make your life much easier. Since we use smartphones most of the time, we could definitely use with some device-related hacks which are worth knowing. Here are 10 hacks for your smartphone that are easy and cool, courtesy of Diply.

1. Charging holder

You need only simple tools in order to create the perfect holder for your phone while charging it. This will come in handy when there is an outlet but no surface to rest your phone on. Check out the source for more.

YouTube | Power Vision

2. Cup holder

You just cut a cup and you make a holder in order to watch stuff while eating or in bed. Easy peasy!

YouTube | Power Vision

3. Flashlight

You don’t need a flashlight anymore because this is brilliant. Even though it might involve some extra work, it’s definitely worth it. Click on the source below the picture to find out how it’s done.

YouTube | Power Vision

Check out the video to find out seven more simple yet effective hacks for your phone, and get yourself started on creating a more enjoyable smartphone experience.



Source: Diply