12+ Views Of Smooshy Cats We Don’t Have The Chance To See Very Often

When we’re talking about cats, you either love them or hate them. And whichever group you are part of or whatever you say to them, they always purr.

Nevertheless, these playful and domestic creatures are a source of happiness and fun. Cats seem to have their own mysterious world, demanding we accept them on their terms, terms which they never completely reveal. Despite their nonchalant behavior which is prevalent (with exceptions) or them remaining aloof and inscrutable, the underlying emotion on both sides is undoubtedly affection. Eventually, we cannot help but adore them. Or NOT!

I mean, they are mysterious but adorable. They can be grumpy, but they love you. They may have that take-it-or-leave-it attitude, but they will still sit on your lap.

More than sitting on your lap, you’d love seeing them on glass tables. If we only had some pictures to show you. Oh, but we do! They’re a scroll below.



1. Isn’t this view simply purrfect?

Source: rexiecat


2. Is it a flying bird? A spidercat? A random cat?

Source: Netblast


3. Can you not interrupt my squishy mode, please?

Source: chiyo.mame


4. Her Majesty, yall!

Source: Luca_Lastname


5. Look at that tiny tongue!

Source: rexiecat


6. Too cute to not be on display.

Source: chiyo.mame


7. Aren’t their paws the cutest thing ever?

Source: peghah_maleknejad


8. Oh hello back, cutie! What are you doing up there?

Source: AviahWinchester


9. Did you know cats can turn into liquid? Now you know.

Source: boopyouonthenose


10. They look so pawsome, I’m gonna die.

Source: ladylolathecat


11. A melting cloud.

cats sitting on glass
Source: Lobo2ffs


12. I got my eyes on you!

cats sitting on glass
Source: doparcel


13. I got my eyes on something pretty interesting.

cats sitting on glass
Source: DCLanger


14. A sleeping cat? A shy one?

cats sitting on glass
Source: chatoranekogen


15. This feline looks so squishy.

cats sitting on glass
Source: narwhal-lord14


16. What a majestic furball!

cats sitting on glass
Source: Lina____


17. We’re judging you. Just so you know.

cats sitting on glass
Source: cheezfang


18. An ideal place to sleep after a busy day.

cats sitting on glass
Source: SgtLemming


19. Why you looking at mah belleh?!

cats sitting on glass
Source: Lisa_Corum


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