Smooth Your Wrinkles And Live Life Like This Awesome Granny

Oh, the happiness of having a cool grandma! Nothing is better than having a grandma to call your bestie. Meet the incredible duo of 34-year-old Tea Flego and her 81-year-old granny Livia. These two are making Intagram go wild in just seconds after they upload a new video. But wait until you see their latest.

Tea is a celebrity makeup artist whose makeover of her now 81-year-old grandmother went viral on Instagram in 2016. It all started in 2016, but they are even more popular now. Since then, her makeup photos and appearances by her grandmother Livia have attracted more than 169k followers to her Instagram account. You can find her by the name of makeupbyteaflego, in case you haven’t seen like ALL of her cool videos by now.

Tea has lived in Split before finally moving to Pula and her work has been featured in publications worldwide, including to the NY Times, NY Post, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, and Glamour Uk, among many others. She is not only an extraordinary makeup artist, but also a wonderful entertainer. Look at what she does to her granny in the following pictures. What a transformation!

The mom-of-one is not afraid to use contour on her granny’s face.


Her granny rocks!


Look at this ingenious technique on how to smooth away your wrinkles.


Tell us more, Tea!


You rock!


Watch her moves on the ever-popular Despacito and try not to fall in love with this grandma.

You wish you had one, I know!

Meanwhile, here is a story of a very young grandma.

Source: teaflego