Snape Was Not So Evil In The Beginning of The Harry Potter Series

Severus Snape, the fictional character in J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series was not our favorite character in the beginning of the series. If you can remember Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, which you probably know by heart, then you remember how hostile was Snape towards Harry. And that got on our nerves. However, fans noticed something strange about his behavior. Something that proves he was on Harry’s side from the very beginning of the series. Sounds impossible? Eagle-eyes fans will prove you wrong.

Severus Snape was an exceptionally skillful wizard, with cold and sarcastic manner. This behavior was concealing his deep emotions on the other hand. He was a Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was seemingly pretty hostile to Harry in the beginning.

However, Snape’s character changes throughout the series and he helps Harry through the very end. Fans had their hearts broken when they learned that Snape was actually a good character.

It doesn’t really matter if you read it first in the books or if you watched it happen on the big screen. There is a high possibility you cried a little when it happened.

Well, I sure did.

Fans have discovered ye something new about this character. It turns out there may have been some hints super early that Snape actually likes Harry. Wait, what?!


Redditor Fartikus noticed something at the beginning of the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone that you probably never noticed.


There are even pictures to prove it. You can see one below. It turns out Snape looks super concerned about Harry even at this point, worrying about his scar.


Snape was here for Harry since day one, and we thought he was crazy evil!


Will we continue to feel guilty about hating on Snape for, like, ever?


Did you catch that moment in the first movie? I know I’m watching it all over again for the holidays!

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Source: Diply