Lucky Snorkeler Gets A Massive Kiss From The Playful Seal

For many people out there, it’s a dream come true to wear all the clothes you need put the breathing apparatus on and dive into the depths of the sea. Who knows what you might see there under the water, gems, wild animals, rusty objects that have been there for years, hmm, what else… Probably a seal that will hug and kiss you not wanting to let you go. Imagine, what life could be living under the water? What is the animal that you would want as a pet if you lived there? Huh, never thought about it, now you have the chance.


Maybe a seal, because they are friendly creatures, like in the video recorded somewhere in Puerto Madryn in Argentina, yes, you can put a stamp on it:

In the video, we can see the animal joining his human visitor, kind of hugging him and giving a big kiss on the mouth.

According to The Crazy Tourist,  seal and sea lions can become aggressive if they are not in water, but they are friendly on their natural habitat and like to playfully engage with their human visitors a lot. The site of The Crazy Tourist also says that the area where the video was recorded is full of sea life, like dolphins, penguins, sea lions and whales.

Finally, although, this is not the first time that a wild animal approaches humans when we go to their natural habitat,  we know that once they do the clips are all over the internet entertaining the rest of the world that misses the chance to see them from near. As for seals, there are cases when they even jumped on boats full of humans and stayed there for a while, usually because they are in risk of life, chased from sharks or whales.

Whatever we say, the video made us giggle in amusement and we hope it will entertain the reader as well!


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Source: Unilad