Soldier Meets His Newborn Daughter For The First Time After Returning From Deployment

Expecting a child and bringing them into the world is said to be one of the most amazing experiences someone can go through. The joy of seeing your child taking their first breath and opening their eyes for the first time is indescribable.

Which is why it’s probably heartbreaking not being able to be there with your partner to witness it together, as was the case for AJ Larson, 24 and his wife, Sabrina, 21. The two are currently stationed in Del Rio, Texas, however, in 2017 while his wife was expecting their child, he was sent on a six-month deployment to Jordan.

So Sabrina had to finish her pregnancy and give birth without her husband by her side, something she described as being “torture.”

While Sabrina was delivering their daughter, Camilla, the two facetimed so that AJ could see the first moments of his daughter’s life even while overseas.

And after his deployment was over and it was time for him to return home, he came back to the warmest welcoming.

Sabrina had put on an American flag headband on Camilla and along with a sign which read “Outta my way! I’m meeting my Daddy for the first time today!”, headed to the airport to meet AJ.

soldier meets his daughter for the first time

The footage from the moment shows Sabrina walking towards AJ with their daughter in her arms as he comes down the escalator and they join in an emotional embrace.

Then AJ finally gets the chance to hold his daughter for the first time. As Sabrina was handing Camilla over to her father, she was heard saying: “Say hi! It’s your daddy.”

soldier meets his daughter for the first time

The family took pictures at the airport to celebrate finally being all together. I bet this is a moment that they will cherish in their hearts forever.

soldier meets his daughter for the first time

Speaking to the DailyMail, Sabrina said that “finally getting to hold Camila was the best moment of [AJ’s] life. He’s extremely grateful to be home with his girls.”

See their reunion here, and get ready – it’s a tear-jerker.

Source: Dailymail


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