Here Is How Sophy Ate 7 Meals A Day And Lost 40 Pounds

The most wonderful transformations usually happen without you being aware of them. It takes time, dedication, energy, and love for what you do, but the results are not the only thing that makes you happy in the end. People who are trying to lose weight have a hard time keeping to their diet or workout routines, but here is a story that might motivate you to do better. All it takes is one look at Sophy’s Instagram profile in order to see how fit, curvy, and healthy she is. It was a one-year long transformation. And now she is revealing her secret. She ate 7 meals a day and still lost 40 pounds and gained muscles! How is that even possible?

Over a year ago, she “always felt sluggish, tired,” and she “couldn’t walk outside during summer time with my thighs chaffing away.” She wrote in an Instagram post, “It was horrid. Not only that, but I was weak. I had almost ZERO muscle I swear lol.”

#transformationtuesday – One year ago I decided to make changes to better myself. I wasn’t going to take the short cuts anymore and make it a LIFESTYLE. I was so caught up in fad diets to get fit quick and I was always told myself “eh oh well I could always get plastic surgery later” (I’m not against it but I thought I could rely on it). – I always felt sluggish, tired, and holy sh*t I couldn’t walk outside during summer time with my thighs chaffing away. It was horrid. Not only that, but I was weak. I had almost ZERO muscle I swear lol. – The first thing to change was MINDSET. I cannot stress the importance of changing your outlook on things. The rest such as confidence, motivation, and physical changes follow after your mindset is right. I get asked all the time how I stay motivated; it’s because I actually ENJOY eating what I eat and doing what I do. It had become a part of my every day life. I’m not saying y’all should start lifting weights because not everyone likes to which is fine. There are OTHER activities too!☺️ – I have my days where I’m like “eh I don’t want to go to the gym” or “I want a fat with and a milkshake”. Which is fine! I want a rest day? I give myself that. I want a burger? I go get one. That’s HOW I keep myself consistent. I LET myself do those things WITHOUT punishment. I don’t view it as a setback because it’s NOT (unless y’all compete lol post show treat ). Don’t think about it a dead line. That’s how your rebound HARD or even crash diet. Don’t do it for a “summer body” or an event. Do it for you. – – – – – – – – #transformation #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #motivation #gains #muscle #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #instafitness #gym #gymlife #gymmotivation #bodybuilding #iifym #confidence #macros #girlswholift #weightlifting

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That’s when Sophy decided to change her life.

“The first thing to change was MINDSET,” Sophy wrote. “I cannot stress the importance of changing your outlook on things. The rest such as confidence, motivation, and physical changes follow after your mindset is right.”

Chasing that itty bitty waist! #transformationtuesday – You are not stuck with what you’re born with nor do you HAVE to spend thousands of dollars on surgery. I wish I knew that sooner because when I was younger, I thought I was a lost cause. I didn’t know you could literally shape your body how you wanted through gaining the right muscles! I was always afraid if I lifted, I would be “manly”. NOPPEEE. – Gotta get those shoulders, lats, hips to grow and there ya have it! An illusion of a small waist. Genetics play a huge role too! My hips are narrow AF so even if I leaned out, I would look like a straight asian stick. That’s why I hit legs and shoulders twice a week. I always do Lats the most on back days. – Frfr anything is possible. – – – #transformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #gym #fit #fitness #lifestyle #bodybuilding #muscle #gains #macros #iifym #lifting #weightlifting

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POPSUGAR spoke with Sophy about her amazing transformation. She admitted that she lost 40 pounds in a year, but she did not really care about the number on her scale. “I’ve also gained 20 pounds of muscle,” she said.

Her story began by changing her approach to food.

“I counted my macros,” she said. “I did lots of research and basically trial and error. I have PCOS, so it was hard to figure out what worked for me best.” She started eating a healthy, balanced diet and continued counting her macros.

Sophy knew she had to eat a solid amount of food to see changes so as to build curves and gain muscle as well. “I eat about six or seven meals a day, each about 300 calories,” she explained. It’s roughly 1,800 to 2,100 calories a day.

“[My meals] consist of white rice, fibrous veggies, like broccoli, asparagus, etc., and some kind of protein (whatever fits my macros), like chicken, salmon, beef, turkey,” she said. She was never hungly!

Uh yeah so #transformationtuesday – Left: when I was in high school and I started going through puberty. My #PCOS was throwing everything out of whack. Obviously I didn’t even know I had it until about 2-3 years ago. To be honest, I was never “healthy” before then either. I would starve myself for days and then #binge which made my metabolism completely crash. I ended up gaining 30+lbs in high school (160lbs @ 5’2” is not healthy). – Fast forward to the right picture❗️ I found out what macros and weight lifting are; thank the lord . It was a rough start. I had NO one to teach me these things (no boyfriend, no coach, no personal trainer; not even friends) so there isn’t an excuse as to why you CANNOT change. It’s not a walk in the park. I cried and had break downs. ‍♀️ I fell off track multiple times but got back on track because it was what was right for me. – The longer you put it off, the longer it takes to achieve your goals. The key to success is keep on setting goals and motivating yourself. – Annnd for those of you who comment “oh you look fine in both pictures” or “you look better on the left” (yes I get those ALL the time. Hate them…), it was unhealthy. I was prediabetic and on the verge of obesity. Actually the BMI scale said I was obese. I was 34% body fat. That’s why I changed. Not for an image although it came with it – – – – – – #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightlifting #gym #macros #iifym #bodybuilding #gains #healthylifestyle #health #instafit

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What she did next was developing her training program.

“When I started, I did minimal cardio — two times a week, about 30 minutes of a slow, steady walk — with compound weightlifting, like squats, deadlifts, and bench press,” she told POPSUGAR. “Then when I got used to it, about three or four months after, I started isolating each muscle group that I wanted to grow.”

“For me, it was my lats (for a smaller waist), glutes, and hips,” she continued. As she wanted a curvy figure, she stuck to weightlifting rather than doing cardio.

Sophy now does online coaching for other women who want a similar transformation. She gave this advice: “Always think of it as a lifestyle change. It’s about long-term results, not a quick fix. Don’t make yourself miserable for a small five pounds, because it will be gained back.”


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She goes on talking about choosing the right diet.

“If you don’t enjoy something, you’re not going to stick to it very long,” she said. “I chose macros because you can incorporate Oreos (my fave!) and anything into your diet as long as it fits. Plus, your meals can differ every day!”

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