12+ People Shared Stories Of Their Special Taxi Or Uber Rides And They’re Adorable

There are some services that we might take for granted. However, when the inability to use those services comes, only then we realize how truly important they are. Take for example taxi rides. I guess not all of us have our own cars, some don’t even have a driver’s license – however, public transportation and taxi rides have always been a way to make this whole thing of getting somewhere a lot easier.

And we all have our criteria as to how much interaction we want to have with the taxi driver. I mean, while there are some passengers who don’t mind conversing through the whole ride, there are also passengers who aren’t that much talkative. So, you’ll always hear ‘friendly’, ‘annoying’, ‘quiet’ thrown all over the place. But, it isn’t easy for the taxi drivers either. I mean, having strangers get into your car sure isn’t a piece of cake. They never know who they’re dealing with or what behavior they’re going to face.

Alongside taxi drivers, now that Uber drivers, ratings and all of that are into the picture, people have been having too many stories to share. Some of them hilarious, other adorable, and some just weird. Scroll down to see and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. This Uber driver is just too nice and considerate!

special taxi uber rides

2. “This is my uber driver Beni, he took me to the hospital and keeping me company since most of my family lives out of the state.”

special taxi uber rides

3. “My cab driver tonight was so excited to share with me that he’d made the cover of the calendar. I told him I’d help let the world see.”


4. This note in the steering wheel of this taxi driver! Adorable.


5. “My Uber driver was a slimmer, cooler, mustached version of myself.”


6. “Our Halloween Uber driver asked us to pose for a picture with her that she could send to scare her husband-who was worried about her driving out late. Mission accomplished.”


7. “I just rode with the highest rated Uber driver in NYC!”


8. This sign in a taxi cab is just…


9. “Funding our Uber driver’s vacations!”


10. “This Bangkok taxi driver being a real bro.”


11. “How to receive 5 stars as an Uber driver.”


12. “My Uber driver had an NES set up in the backseat.”


14. “My friend is a Lyft driver and turned his car into a voter registration booth.”


15. “My uber passenger wrote in the comment that he will have a cat with him.”


16. Mad Max car.


17. “Welcome to the Peach State! My Atlanta Lyft driver has peaches ready for her riders!”


19. “Starting my St Patrick’s day in this uber.”


20. “It freaks them out!!”



Any stories you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Source: Boredpanda