Residents Are Putting Spikes On Trees So Birds Don’t Poop On Their Fancy Cars

Birds poop on cars, and whether you like it or not, their habitat is trees. They spend most of their time perching on trees, and, eventually, poop on what’s beneath. Sometimes, that happens to be an important car. But, hey, when did that become strange? No one stops humans from pooping, right? Well, these people in England decided to do just anything to stop birds from pooping on their fancy cars. They have actually built spikes on branches to deter birds from perching. And that just makes me sad.


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The spiked trees can be seen in front of Essendene House and Heathfield House, whose residents own BMWs and Audis. The spikes are put on purpose for these residents who own fancy ars so that they don’t get the bird poop accidents. But is this how you’re supposed to do this?

Some people have also commented on how these spikes could be damaging the trees in the first place. But was that really necessary? Who thought they were so privileged to “protect” their car from birds?


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People started questioning the meaning of the act.


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A resident of the area said they tried methods other than the spikes. “I think we had a wooden bird of prey in the branches, but that didn’t seem to do anything. I would say there are a number of other trees around.”

While the spikes are technically legal, Green councilor Paula O’Rourke claimed that they will be looking into the issue.
“Whether allowed or not though, it looks awful and it’s a shame to see trees being literally made uninhabitable to birds — presumably for the sake of car parking. Sometimes it’s too easy to lose sight of the benefit that we all gain from trees and green spaces and from the presence of wildlife around us in the city.”

What do you think about it?

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