This Mom’s Splinter-Removing Trick Is Genius

The worst thing about splinters is that we rarely notice them at the exact time we get them. Often times, when I find a splinter, I can’t recall where I could have possibly gotten it. So, I am left with my wonderings as well as a splinter in my finger that has started to cause discomfort. However, I am a grown up and removing it is not as scary as it may be for kids. Sure, I might wiggle away from the tweezers a tad, but nothing too dramatic. But kids, on the other hand, might even throw tantrums as well as be genuinely frightened.

However, we should be careful and quick enough to remover the splinter, before any infection can take place. We don’t want that to happen.

So, for most parents, removing a splinter from their kids’ is the ultimate parenting task. From keeping the child still to being able to successfully remove the splinter, no part of the process is easy. But guess what? I am about to introduce to you a game changer. Removing a splinter has never been easier with a new trick this mom has found. It is a way of removing splinters in a safe and painless way, and your kid will be smiling when it is all done.

The only thing you need is a Calpol box if you’re from the UK. For our U.S. readers, Calpol is the U.K. version of Tylenol or Motrin, etc. – our boxes come with these syringes, too.

Check out Claire Bullen-Jones’ splinter hack below:

splinter removing trick

Photo Credit: Facebook, Claire Bullen-Jones

So, there it is. Is it weird that I am wishing for a splinter right now? Don’t judge me.


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Source: Awkwardmom