Up For A Wilk? Squeeze Your Nails And Have Some Milk

Have you ever wanted to know what is it like to milk a cow? I have. Though I have never had the guts (or a cow) to milk one. What about milking your nails? Yes, you heard it right. Not that there is someone whose nails produce milk naturally or something… or maybe there is, who knows. Anyhow, Nail Sunny salon based in Moscow, makes everything possible. This time there are two keywords in their nail art; cow and milk. No, we are not talking about polishing cows’ toenails. Squeezing the milk out of your nails is what the first nail design is about.

Just when you thought teeth nails were the wackiest ones…


The main component: A Cow (it better be black and white, just the way my life should be)

squeezing milk nails

2nd component: Udder.

Well, if anyone wants a small borine biology lesson…udders are errr… cow tits!

squeezing milk nails

3d component: What is udder without milk? Just meh-lkless!

squeezing milk nails

Mmm, lukewarm milk.

Let’s check out the video to see the whole ‘nail milking’ process:

What do you do when your hand is not too long to scratch that particular part of your back? Suffer until the itching is gone? No. Rub yourself all over the carpet? No. Call Nail Sunny salon to book an appointment? Yes, sir.

The perfect choice for pink addicts. ‘Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude’ they’d say.

Ah, that feels good.

Watch the video below for more:

Scratch your back ? Video by @edo_movs

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Because having only one pair of eyes is not enough sometimes.

*blink, blink*

Next thing I suggest is putting glasses on your eyenails.

Watch the satisfying video below:

Satisfying video?

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Source: Nail_sunny