Adorable Squirrel Keeps Coming Back To Say Hi To The Family That Saved Her

We can often find animals roaming in our backyards, but they are not always this adorable. Meet Bella, a cute squirrel that was attacked by an owl and left badly injured when she was just 4 weeks old. Brantley Harrison and her family saved the little squirrel and nurtured her back to life. Bella stayed with the family for a while and then she was released back into the wild before winter hit with three other squirrels: Larry, Moe and Curly.

“Her personality was not any different than any other squirrel I have ever raised while she was in my care,” Harrison told The Dodo. “The main objective is to return them all back into the wild so I never treated her like a pet. She acted no different than the others.”

But Bella keeps returning to say hello to the family.

“Bella sits right at the front door waiting for someone to notice she has come by for a visit. She has even resorted to jumping over to the dining room window to peer in for someone to see her,” Brantley Harrison said in an interview.

Oh come on, now how adorable is that….

Here are some of the pictures, compiled by Diply. 


Instagram | @cidandbell

Looks like Bella loves to say hi to the other animals too


“Bella came by for a Thanksgiving feast! Happy Thanksgiving from our crazy house!!” Harrison captioned this photo.

Instagram | @cidandbella


You can see more pictures of this adorable squirrel on Instagram @cidandbella.

Instagram | @cidandbella


“It was truly amazing to watch the baby I raised raise her own babies,” Harrison told The Dodo. 

Instagram | @cidandbella


Instagram | @cidandbella
Source: Diply