You’re Not The Only One Who Got Stabbed By A Pencil And Still Has The Mark

When we were little, we undoubtedly had way too much time on our hands. I mean, we had to go to school and do homework, but that’s not to say we didn’t find time to do our thing. Sometimes I miss childhood, when the only time I got any worries was when I hadn’t done my homework and I had only 1 hour left to go to school.

Oh, and getting a pencil mark in my skin by playing ‘stab a friend with a really sharp pencil’. Yup. That was a thing. And just when I thought only I still had the mark from the pencil in my thumb, seems like other people do too. And in quite unusual places, I’d say.

The wounds from the battles we fought when we were young and irresponsible – they still linger. Twitter user Los_Writer took to Twitter to see whether he was the only one who had led from pencils still on his body. And it’s fair to say, he found quite some people to keep him company.

See below:

“A right Palmer”.

I never thought I’d see someone with a pencil mark on this spot. Whoa.

Fair enough!

Now that’s… something!

Sometimes, it’s the things you love the most…

Definitely not the only one.

I can see the pencil fight happening.

In the forehead though…

Why did we play such dangerous games?


I can see this happening as well.

It didn’t mean it!

Must’ve hurt!

Do you have a pencil mark? Let us know in the comments section below. It’s good to know you’re not alone!


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Source: Distractify