8 DIY Staging Home Tips – Improve The Value Of Your House Before Selling It

If not all, then most of us come to a point where time comes to sell our beloved house. The love you have for the house you maybe grew up on doesn’t change the fact that you have to say goodbye to it.

Before the house hits the market you have to make sure everything is to some degree perfect and looks appealing for the buyer. I mean, you do want to sell it, right? Apparently, the chances are higher to sell a house faster and for more if it is well-staged rather than a house which is put on the market just the way it is. According to a premier real estate firm in Houston, Green Residential, the percentage of well-staged houses sold faster is 73% in comparison with the houses that are not staged.

Guess what this leads to? Well, hiring a stager might be it before selling your house unless, you be the stager yourself? If you are not willing to pay much – I mean you’d rather collect that money to invest in the new home rather the one for selling – then opt for designing it yourself. The amount of money you’d be asked is $2,000 for a single staging session.

Below find some home staging tips you can pull off yourself without having to break the bank to pay a stager.

Photo: thegoodhartgroup

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1. Minor Repairs

The whole point is to sell the house and make it appealing, so you might want to start with the minor repairs. Believe it or not, they do make a big difference. If you have a lot of small repairs needed in your house, you might scare the buyer off. Repair them so they don’t prevent you from receiving offers.
Begin small by saying bye to the leaky faucets, clogged gutters, missing grout, chipped tiles, and the other minor problems that you can fix without breaking the bank.

2. Add An Artsy Touch

Right after you are done with the minor repairs, continue to remove all the personalized pieces – photos and meaningful sayings- you have in your house. It is best if you give the buyer a welcoming feeling with a more general art and simple artwork. Make it obvious that they can feel at home and picture themselves living there. Tasteful and non-offensive art should do.

3. Welcome Pops Of Color

Third comes the wall coloring and the other bright additional pieces. If your house already has appealing colors, the neutral walls, then you are fine to go. However, if this isn’t the case then make sure to add pops of color so you can liven it up. Don’t forget about the bright throw pillows, artwork, rugs and table settings.

4. Rearrange Furniture

If your house is full of furniture all around, and with little space to walk, then you need to make sure to take some of it away. People will be coming to see the house and they need to walk freely with no barriers. Make it easier for you, and don’t put yourself in the position you have to separate the couch from the television. Simply create an easy-to-navigate space.

5. Pay Attention To Smell

Ever noticed how every house has its smell? You might not smell the one you have at home, but newbies surely do. You are lucky if yours has a good one if you are planing to sell it.
An unpleasant odor is the biggest turnoff the buyer can have. Don’t try to take it away with scented candles and incense if that’s the case with your house. You will only make it worse. Find the pieces that are making the smell worse and use odor eaters like Febreze which can eliminate the smell.

6. Go Through Décor Magazines

Internet is full of ideas on how to decorate your living environment. Start with decor magazines, websites and don’t miss out on Pinterest pages so you can develop your ideas more and see what’s trendy and what’s not. This is the best way to become the architect to your own home, not only for selling it but for also living in it.

7. Have It Professionally Cleaned

You might be cleaning all the time at your house but there are always spaces you miss out. This is why, the best choice is to have it thoroughly and professionally cleaned. Professionals will clean places you didn’t even considered such as baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures, appliances, etc.

8. Highlight The Best Areas Of The Home

This is the cherry on top which is as important as the before-mentioned. All houses have their best and not so appealing parts of it. The best way to hide those parts which are not that appealing, is by highlighting the best areas. Take, for instance, the fireplace. Make it stand out by arranging the furniture around it, some artwork on the mantle, and a cozy flame burning. This way, they will miss the hole on the carpet because the fireplace gets the attention.

Good luck on selling your house. These are only some of the main tips, which are not only useful but also fun to do.