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24 ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Tattoos For The Die-Hard Fans

A long time ago in a galaxy not very far away, actually in this galaxy right here, there came a certain movie trilogy that conquered the hearts of millions of people from all around the world. A couple of decades later, the prequel trilogy was born and it was as hated as much as the first one was loved. The sequel trilogy, even though initially met with trepidation, soon gained the favour of the general public, and now the eagerly awaited second installment is finally being released today. I am, of course, talking about Star Wars, but you already knew that! In honour of The Last Jedi, Episode VIII of the beloved franchise hitting the cinemas on this day, we decided to share with you die-hard fans a few tattoo ideas which will definitely show your dedication to the legendary films. This compilation of tattoos, courtesy of Popsugar, is definitely the one you were looking for.

1. Han and Leia matching tattoos for you and your partner

2. Lars homestead, Luke’s igloo-shaped home

3. You can’t go wrong with a flowery R2-D2


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4. Join the dark side with a heart-shaped Death Stars


this is love.

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5. Who’s cuter: BB-8 or R2-D2?


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6. Nothing to see here, just Darth Vader flying his balloon Death Star…

7. Definitely one of the most iconic moments of the original trilogy

8. The Rebel Alliance starbird decorated with roses

9. Good, good, let the darkness flow through you!

10. Rebel forever: wear your heart on your sleeve


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11. Or tattoo an entire space battle! It’s awesome!

12. The Death Star in the palm of Darth Vader’s hand


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13. Bad-ass Chewy!

14. A miniature AT-AT!

15. How about a really artsy and way more complicated tattoo?

16. Going the completely opposite way now with this minimalist tattoo

17. The Millennium Falcon. What a beauty!

18. When being a rebel is a family trait

19. The red background provides a nice contrast

20. A linework TIE fighter


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21. A cool tattoo that is

22. A simpler variation of the Leia/Han romantic tattoo

23. A teeny-tiny Millennium Falcon!

24. When rebellion flows through your veins

Source: popsugar

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