People Are Posting Stock Photos Of Their Jobs Alongside Sarcastic Captions And They’re Too Funny

A sense of humor is quite important. I mean, it makes life enjoyable. What would we do without the people who keep cracking jokes on the internet? I guess the internet would be quite, quite boring.

When it comes to jokes, there is this new trend people are choosing to participate in, called #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob, and it started originally by scientists, so other people decided to join it. They are basically taking weird and posey stock photographs that try to describe their jobs, and are adding funny and sarcastic captions, and sending them off into the internet.

Stock photographs are professionally-taken pictures that try to describe particular things, such as nature or events, or in this case – professions. And are supposed to be used for commercial design purposes. Scroll below for a collection of some of the funniest #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob people have uploaded under this hashtag, and let us know your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

1. “I find listening to the shoulder joint an incredibly important part of any examination. Heart and lungs are for losers.”

Stock photos alongside sarcastic comments

Source: johnthevet

2. “And the Lord said: ‘Let there be oxycodone’. And there was oxycodone, and the oxycodone was good. And there was much rejoicing!”

Stock photos alongside sarcastic comments

Source: XtremeRPh

3. “I often hit people in the middle of their face with a reflex hammer.”

Source: MikeSidel

4. “I always give a thumbs up after a pelvic exam, it’s so not creepy at all.”

Source: DrJenGunter

5. “A pediatrician, shown here about to test the primitive eye poke reflex, also known as the Three Stooges reflex. If present, the baby will place their hand vertically against the nose while saying nyuk nyuk nyuk.”

Source: skepticpedi

6. “I sit in a dark room and project code straight to my face while solving complicated problems. This helps me to immerse myself in it and “feel” the code.”

Source: tauntz

7. “Because when doing research, I always wear my regalia to the library. How else will people know I have a PhD?!”

Source: medievalismish

8. “I often hold my slides and stare moodily at them. You know, instead of looking at them under the microscope that’s right in front of me. Sometimes I invite a colleague to join me.”

Source: James_W_C

9. “As an evolutionary biologist, you have *no idea* how hard it is to find tweasers small enough to grab bits of DNA (which is the main part of our job, obvs)”

Source: firefoxx66

10. “As an ecologist, I can confirm that my days consist of much stethoscoping of trees in an unnecessary lab coat. It’s the only proper way to detect wildlifes.”

Source: Trouty_Trout

11. “These grossly misrepresent what my career as an abacus musician on a pirate ship is really like.”

Source: JuliusGoat

12. “This is exactly what I look like when I write.”

Source: ShannaGermain

13. “Hey space astronomer, where is space?” [Space astronomer puts on his lab coat and adjusts his space safety goggles] “According to my latest science, there is space.”

Source: JimMFelton

14. “It is true that most lawyers are Slytherins”

Source: Samanticka

15. “I mean I have no idea what this ‘environmental scientist’ is doing but I can say the defeated posture is correct.”

Source: carlson_natasha


So, do you have any additions to the list? Let us know!


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