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Boy With Down Syndrome Comforting Classmate With Autism

Boy With Down Syndrome Comforting Classmate With Autism

It’s a known fact that most kids are true in what they do. Their empathy and compassion never cease to amaze us. It’s no strange for them to see a mate in need and go and console them. Not sure that we as adults would do the same. Taken away by the responsibilities of everyday life, we often forget that a little kindness a day can keep the sadness away.

We’re talking here about a real case, one that was recorded by a teacher in a school somewhere in Mexico. Footage that has gained national attention, shows a little boy with Down’s syndrome doing the most heartwarming gesture. He sees his autistic classmate crying and not feeling well, so he goes to befriend him. Watch the video below for more:

So many people resonated with the above video, especially those who personally knew a child with special needs.  The touching video was shared not only on Facebook, where it was firstly posted, but also on Twitter and Reddit.

People were even talking about similar experiences and cheering the caring boy for the kind act.

One person said:

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Another one added:

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A third one tweeted:

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Let us hope that this boy’s kindness will inspire us to be more helpful and caring for each other. He made us RESTORE our faith in humanity once again ♥!


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