Stop Making These 15 Mistakes While Showering

No matter when you prefer to shower, either quick shower in the morning before going out or at night before going to bed, showering has a special power to make us feel great inside out. Each one of us is following certain steps during the showering routine and we follow them blindly, no questions asked.
However, all of us probably make some mistakes without being aware of it. Here are some of the major errors you might be making while showing, courtesy of Diply.

1. Don’t buy the least expensive bottle of shampoo, assuming that it would work just as well.

It is usually the contrary. The cheapest shampoos might have more fillers. Also, don’t use shampoos that contain sulfates and parabens which will cause damage to your hair.


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2. It makes sense that a hot shower would seemingly be good for you, but it’s not.

The more you shower the better. Wrong. Frequent showering in hot water can result in dry and irritated skin. So, next time cool down your water when you are rinsing.


3. Some people apply their shampoo directly to their hair, but there’s a better way.

Mix some shampoo with water in your hands. It will not only save you some money for shampoo but also it will be distributed more evenly on your hair.


4. Blonde hair needs extra care

If you are blonde start using purple shampoo instead of a generic brand. It will provide the necessary special care that your highlighted or blonde hair needs.4

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5. Stop washing your hair too often.

Like for your body, here goes the same rule. Even though every scalp is different, if you wash your hair every day you will strip off your natural oils. Do yourself a favor and start washing your hair two or three times a week instead.5

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6. Make sure you’re not doing a quick wash when you shampoo.

Sure, you can be in a hurry from time to time, but try to massage your scalp with the shampoo well, before rinsing it off of your hair. This will increase the blood flow and encourage hair growth.


7. Stop applying your shampoo on your hair ends and your conditioner on the scalp.

It is actually the other way around. You should apply the conditioner only to your hair ends and massage your scalp with the shampoo, as mentioned before.7

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8. A lot of us are making a big mistake by completely rinsing out our conditioner.

Stop rinsing all the conditioner, instead just make sure you rinse your scalp well.


9. Depending where you live, you can’t control if you’re showering with hard or soft water.

Hard water will leave some minerals and deposits to build up in your hair. Look at the difference on the picture. Pretty big one, right?9

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Don’t worry. Did you know that there are actually special shampoos designed for hard water? It will provide help in eliminating the buildup.
Also, you can install a water softener in your home.


Source: Best Hair Care Products

10. If you’re using a body exfoliant, stop scrubbing so roughly or too frequently.

Here too, balance is the key. If you scrub body exfoliant too roughly it can damage your skin.

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11. Stop what you’re doing and put down the loofah.

It contains more bacteria that you can imagine. Instead, purchase an antibacterial sponge which you still have to replace frequently.11

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12. Don’t start shaving your legs with the razor right away.

First, wash your skin with soap in order to remove bacteria and prevent any infections if you cut yourself.


13. Keep your razor on the shower shelf, or anywhere it can’t get wet.

Moisture is an ideal source of bacteria. Start keeping your razor in a dry place.13

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14. It’s okay to brush your hair in the shower, but most people have the technique all wrong.

Don’t brush your hair from the roots down since it can cause breakage. First, wet your brush and start combing from the ends.


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15. Even if your body wash contains moisturizer, be aware that lathering it too much will leave your skin dry

If so, you have to use body lotion once you are out of the shower.

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