15 Strange Differences Between Food In Britain And The United States

The world is full of differences and something that seems normal in one place might be against the law in another. Take Britain and the U.S., for instance. From Christmas decorations to chocolate-making or accents, these differ a lot. When it comes to food, there are so many differences to think about that make these countries contradictory, yet special. AuntyAcid brings us the 15 most obvious and strange differences that may surprise you.

1. Breakfast

To start with the most important meal of the day, here is the English breakfast. Everything is basically cooked previously. Beans, sausages, eggs, black pudding and some bread would be the typical combination. Looks pretty good, right?


In America, on the other hand, you get pancakes with syrup and bacon, of course. For some people, that’s the strangest combination, and Brits surely wouldn’t stand eggs and bacon on one plate.


2. Chocolate


Many people claim that the cocoa treat tastes so much better in Britain. Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate, for instance, is supposed to taste incredible.


In the United States, we’ve got our favorite snack Reese’s, which is pretty darned delicious. Who can tell the difference when it’s only chocolate?

3. Barbeque


If there’s one thing you know about the UK already, it’s that the weather over there can be pretty dodgy. Their summers last about 2 or 3 days, so BBQs are not a common occurrence.


The U.S. is the ultimate winner here!

4. Birthday cake


This guy is called Colin the Caterpillar, and it’s just what birthday cakes sometimes look like in Britain.


What about American cakes? Well, they re all personalized and with as much detail possible.

5. Fries


First of all, it’s ‘chips’ in the UK, and they put some interesting stuff on them. Cheese and gravy, for instance!


You may think we are purists, but we do like some plain American fries.

6. Drunk food


When people are drunk, they tend to go for terrible foods. In Britain, they like to eat the döner kebab.


Us? We do love fried chicken, at all times! The more terrible the food you eat, the better, right?

7. Chinese takeout


What you have above is what Chinese takeaway looks like in the U.K. Interesting packages!


We’ve got the lovely takeout boxes that also open up into plates. The food is probably the same, though.

8. Ice cream


Like with a lot of things, the British like to keep things simple when it comes to ice cream. You gotta respect their purist style.


There is literally everything on our ice creams! This is probably the biggest difference so far.

9. Pizza


Interesting and adorable, but the British have a totally different sense of what a pizza is.


According to us, that’s real pizza. Everything is also bigger!

10. Weird food


This is something they call ‘bubble and squeak’ in the UK and it’s like a rosti of cooked potato, onions and leeks. Sounds delicious!


Can we all have a moment of silence for our inventions?

11. McDonald’s


McDonald’s in the UK is pretty standard.


Whereas in America, you can almost get anything supersized. There’s a larger menu, larger portions…

12. Takeout food


Takeout is a big deal in the UK, although the British generally call it ‘takeaway’, even when it’s delivered. Their portions seem nice, too! I’m just wondering about the rice and fries combination.


Takeout food is generally well-presented here. They pay a lot of attention to appearance as well.

13. Popular restaurant chains


One thing that is everywhere except for the U.S. is Nando’s. This is a restaurant chain specializing in spicy chicken done the Portuguese way.


Whereas America has Applebees, so it’s practically the same situation.

14. Nostalgic drinks


This weird sounding concoction is like an old-timer version of soda in the UK. It tastes nice, also!


Meanwhile in the U.S… a Coke float?

15. The first food you think of when you think of the British Isles


Fish and chips, definitely!


And here we’ve got the American burger. Pickles included!

Here are some differences in Christmas decorations between the U.S and Britain.

Source: auntyacid