Is There Something Strange Happening With Kylie Jenner?!

We’ve been having so much fun in the last few months speculating, analyzing, and, well, gossiping about Kylie Jenner’s potential pregnancy, but the game is now officially over. The reality TV star took to social media on February 4 to announce the birth of her daughter with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott. She explained all the reasons she had for keeping the pregnancy a secret from her loyal fans and even posted an 11-minute YouTube video documenting her journey over the last nine months.

So, congratulations are in order! But while we are very happy for her and her family, we can’t help but be a little sad that this chapter in all of our lives is now closed forever. Where will we get our daily dose of mysteries and enigmas now? Oh, well, we’ll just have to find something else to keep us occupied… Oh, I know! How about some facts about Kylie Jenner? Good idea, eh?

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YouTube account TheTalko has posted a video titled “Something Strange Is Happening To Kylie Jenner”, revealing some mind-boggling truths about the 20-year-old beauty. Mind you, it’s dated December 2, 2017, so it’s pre-pregnancy-revelation. Still, it’s fascinating, and it’s about Kylie, so win-win, right?

Let’s get on with it, then.

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The video discusses various aspects of Kylie’s life, including what is seen as a bad taste in men. Before starting a relationship with Travis Scott, the makeup entrepreneur was involved with another rapper, Tyga. Their breakup allegedly happened due to his cheating habits, and this was an issue in her next relationship as well. In fact, it’s said that Scott cheated on Kylie with ten different women! But she still gave him another chance… No accounting for taste, right?

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Next up, the video reviews how growing up famous influenced the 20-year-old’s personality. Growing up too fast, changing completely to gain public approval, and losing herself in the process are just a few of the subjects under scrutiny. In the past, Kylie has talked about being insecure, and perhaps this is what led her to undergo an-undisclosed-number of cosmetic procedures, but guessing how many she’s had is a fun game her fans like to play, according to the video. The TV personality has only copped to one: her lip injections.

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Then there is the fact that she’s apparently turning herself into a bit of a recluse, “pulling a Rob” and staying away from family gatherings and pushing away all of her friends, except one. Oh, and the ‘pregnancy rumors’. See, I told you this video wasn’t… fresh from the oven, let’s put it that way. But it does bring up an interesting point: there was a time when there were all those engagement rumors floating around. Remember that giant engagement-esque ring the young Jenner wore?

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Kylie hasn’t said anything about planning a wedding… Could this be the next mystery we can dedicate ourselves to solving?

That was quite the tease, I think. Now you really want to watch that video, don’t you?

Okay, then. Here you go! Enjoy!

Source: TheTalko

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