The Zit-Rings That You Can’t Pop Are Making The Internet Very Confused

Sure, accessories are fun to wear and match with your outfit because they can give the perfect twist to one’s look. So, having a collection of them can be life-saving for some special events. But, these nose rings are so strange, they will leave you wondering who came up with them?

Definitely, you have never seen something like this. The strangest part is that these strange zit accessories that cannot be popped are actually nothing but large artificial pimples. I mean, aren’t you tired of having real pimples in everyday life already?

You might be confused that these have been called jewelry since, if we remember correctly, jewelry is supposed to look pretty?


While they are not attractive, there is still a story behind them. Since we often go to places that are not really keen on piercings, like the school or our workplaces, this “jewelry” seems to be a solution some people wanted.


You can hide your piercing by simply placing this earring on your nose. While this idea worked out for some, not everyone was happy with this product.


As it can be expected, many people just don’t like the idea of having a big zit on their face. Keep scrolling to see how they look on some people who had the nerve to try them. The internet sure has mixed feelings about it.

Exactly like a pimple that needs to be popped!


It’s not easy to rock your makeup with that on your face, is it?


A grimace that describes our reaction perfectly


Hiding piercing or exposing them?




What do you guys think? Would you ever try such a piercing? Let us know in the comments!

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