Stranger Drives More Than 1,000 Miles To Bring Abandoned Dog Home To His Family

Breakups are not easy. One such difficult breakup ended up so badly that a dog was left alone on the street over 1,000 miles away from home. Luckily for the dog and its family, one man offered his help and brought the dog back to his owners. The family could not be more grateful and the man’s deed was indeed a heroic act of kindness. Here is the whole story.

It all started when the Caroline County Humane Society in Ridgely, Maryland found a stray dog wandering the streets. No one came to look for him, and when his microchip was scanned, the carers found out that he was 1,300 miles away from his home in Wichita, Kansas! The lonely pit bull had no one to take care of him.


Facebook | Caroline County Humane Society

The people from the organization quickly learned that the dog’s name was Zimba. Zimba had been on a road trip to Maryland with one of his owners. Then, a bad break-up happened and the dog was simply abandoned on the street, with the ex-boyfriend refusing to answer any calls. Therefore, the dog’s family could not locate the dog’s whereabouts, until they received the call from the shelter home.


How could someone do such a thing?

The dog’s “mom” was unable to leave her kids and her job to come get the dog. At the same time, the shelter struggled to find another way to get Zimba home. That’s when a man stepped forward and offered selfless help. When Zach, a former volunteer at the shelter whose girlfriend still worked there, found out about Zimba’s story, he just couldn’t stay idle.


Facebook | Caroline County Humane Society

He had four days off until his next bartending shift, so he offered to drive Zimba home. The shelter then shared the story on Facebook and promised to provide further updates about the trip.


Facebook | Caroline County Humane Society

So on December 5, the pair set out on their adventure. Zach told CBS News that Zimba was a good passenger, and he more or less slept through the first day.


Facebook | Caroline County Humane Society

In the meantime, the shelter started receiving donations in order to cover Zach’s travel costs and food. There were also some gifts for Zach, including a free oil change and car wash, as well as a $100 gift certificate for pizza. Also, the Hampton Inn in Wichita offered a free room for some well-deserved rest.


Facebook | Caroline County Humane Society

Obviously, Zach and Zumba already became best buddies after spending more than 1,000 miles together. It was late Wednesday evening when they arrived and Zimba was finally reunited with his family.


Facebook | Caroline County Humane Society

The owner uploaded this picture after she was reunited with Zimba. It seems like the dog is happy to be home!


Facebook | Caroline County Humane Society

It’s incredible how one act of selflessness can do so much!

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