‘Aspiring-Model’ Stray Dog Crashes Fashion Show In India

Never give up on your dreams! Even if you’re a dog aspiring to be a model and walk the runway. The only way you can reach your goals is through determination. At least, that’s what this stray dog, who seized the stage during a fashion show, believes in!

During designer Rohit Bal’s show in India, a stray dog appeared on the stage and walked alongside the models, who were dressed in gold sequins and beads.

The attention then went from the sparkling models and their ensembles to the lovely blonde fur dog.

One would think someone would immediately take action and stop the dog from upstaging the models, but no one did anything and they simply let the dog do its thing and shine the way through.

The model dog also seemed to be thrilled to be there. Do you think that was the dog’s first catwalk?

See below for the video of the whole thing:

One male model, however, on his way off the stage passed by the dog and gave him a pat on the head. Yay! Afterward, the dog was escorted by security personnel off the premises. Oh, no.


Anyway, let’s hope this cute doggo won’t give up on the dreams of becoming a famous model someday. You can do it!


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Source: Thedodo