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Street Artist Duo Paints A Giant Dragon On A French Beach Blockhouse

What better way to deal with a former Nazi blockhouse than to turn it into a piece of art? That’s exactly what French duo Blesea and Baby K just did. The street artists completely transformed this long abandoned brick-and-mortar building on Jonville Beach in the commune of Réville in northwestern France.


What before was just a bleak and grey remnant of the past now has been converted into a giant dragon. And not any old dragon! It’s Shenron from Dragon Ball! In the manga, as well as in the anime series, Shenron was a magical dragon who could only be summoned by gathering all seven Dragon Balls. Then he would grant whoever summoned him one wish.


But the wish-fulfilling aspect of the dragon has been transferred into real life as well! This project was a life-long dream for one of the artists. “I’m a big fan of Dragon Ball, and it’s been my childhood dream that I just realized with Baby K,” said Blesea.


Originally, the blockhouse was a Nazi casemate armed with lots of guns that the Germans used against the Allied forces which stormed Normandy in 1944. Some similar buildings have been turned into museums, but others have been left to decay.


This isn’t the first blockhouse completely transformed by the graffiti artist duo. In December 2016, Blesea and Baby K painted a giant Darth Vader helmet on another forgotten stronghold.


It took them two days and a lot of paint to finish the life-size Shenron, and the result was simply astonishing. Here is how they got on:

Source: Boredpanda