Student Walks Outside Almost Naked In -8ºC, People Shake Their Heads

Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say. Then I take a look at this student below. And it makes me wonder what was this guy taking revenge on. Or maybe he was getting served a cold one by life?

As reported by 9GAG, this… Natural wonder of a student is from Wisconsin, and was seen trudging to class in the middle of winter. In shorts. And no boots either, but just a pair of what looks like running sneakers? What the hell, dude?

Did I mention it was -8ºC AND in the middle of a winter storm?


The public affairs office of the University of Wisconsin-Madison noticed the phenomenon too. With… what appears to have been a mixture of surprise and dismay.

The UW-Madison did manage, however, to advise other students to dress warmer.


However, it turns out that the guy’s somewhat unique fashion choice wasn’t that uncommon for those winters in the Midwest.

As people online were quick to point out:


Some took the thing into a whole other, comical direction:


The funnies didn’t stop for a while and made me chuckle, I must admit!


Sometime later, a substitute teacher from close-by Minnesota decided to chime in. According to her, this was a fairly common sight.

But a shocking sight nonetheless!


Meredith McGlone, UW Communications Director, had something to say too, though:

“We try to have a sense of humor and distinctive voice on social media, but we have an underlying message of be safe, bundle up, just like your mom would tell you,” McGlone said.

Exactly, just like your mom. Which means like this!


Source: 9gag