Study Reveals Why Sleeping 8 Hours Is Important For Weight Loss

There is no perfect timing to lose weight since it is never easy, especially this time of the year. The holiday meals definitely made us gain at least few pounds. However, there are some small changes that we can do in order to slim down some pounds almost effortlessly. This article first appeared in Auntyacid.


Many of us struggle to shed the pounds that we have accumulated over the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Even though you might already be on a healthy diet or an exercise plan, new studies have shown that the number of hours you sleep can affect the way your body loses weight. And. not only the number of hours that you sleep in one night but also the time that you go to bed can make all the difference.

Studies showed that out of one thousand dieters that were studied, the ones with regular sleeping patterns managed to shed off weight quicker, according to the Express.


So, let’s see how much sleep is the right amount of sleep and when is the ideal time that we should be going to sleep.

The dieters who got eight hours sleep and who went to bed after 10.10PM had the most beneficial results when trying to lose weight. This is because, if you are exhausted you will eat more the next they and we usually grab foods that are high in fat and sugar in order to perk ourselves up. All those who had a poor night’s sleep tended to add more calories the next day, which resulted in them finding it more difficult to lose weight. This usually is because of the snacking between meals, too.


Four out of five people were able to stick to the diet plans and healthy eating habits after they had eight hours of sleep. Of course, it is understandable, since whenever we feel restless or exhausted we start eating different junk foods in order to compensate for the lack of sleep. The researchers at Leeds University in England also conducted a study and found very similar results. They linked the poor sleeping patterns to higher BMIs (body mass indexes).

Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, who advises people on nutrition and sleep, said: “Not getting enough sleep forces our body into crisis or survival mode. We start to run on adrenaline which makes us conserve energy and store fat particularly around the middle”

According to her, all of the individuals that have had a lack of sleep the night before consumed sugary foods and drinks with high levels of caffeine. Now we know how important it is for us to get the regular and recommended hours of sleep, even though getting to sleep earlier sometimes can be difficult. Nowadays, many things get in the way of our perfect night’s sleep, such as having a big project at work or simply being a new parent.


There are days and days, but it is still worth bearing this in mind over this festive period. Sometimes, instead of having a strict diet or radical new exercise regime in order to shed the extra pounds you should place just as much emphasis on getting a good night’s sleep.

Plus, whenever we get those magical eight hours of sleep we feel more focused, rejuvenated and ready to take whatever the day ahead has planned for us.

Source: auntyacid

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