This Is What A Study Says How Huge Wedding Expenses Impact A Marriage’s Length

Wedding decoration, guests, the wedding gown for the bride, the tuxedo for the groom, and vows are what most concern those who have decided it’s time to tie the knot. Nevertheless, all these listed are only some of the expenses people go through to have the wedding ceremony they always dreamt of.

Let us not leave aside the photo session, the honeymoon. Oh boy, I don’t wanna go there. It’s too much. However, I congratulate those who have found their significant other and marriage is what they’re striving for.

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While some people out there opt for a less expensive wedding, where they accomplish everything that best describes a wedding ceremony in a small amount of money, there are some who expensive and rich is what they go for.

It is thought that in the United States, $30,000 is the average amount of money that people spend on their wedding. That is A LOT. That leaves one saving FOREVER so they can have the ‘perfect’ wedding.

However, all of you who your marriage expenses are not that huge, let me break a good news for you. You are most likely to end up with the one you love being forever together. And, I am not saying that. Studies are!

Yup, it is thought that the more amount of money you spend on your wedding, you guys are more prone to go through a break-up. How? Let us see.

Andrew Francis- Tan and Hugo M. Mialon who are economic professors admit on a study that the list of characteristics that couples might end up getting a divorce are various.

In the study which the professors surveyed 3.000 people, they came to the conclusion that what plays a huge role in a marriage’s duration is the price of the engagement ring and the overall cost of the wedding. By this said, they consider the importance of the expenses as equal to their partner’s look.

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This is how the paper reads:

“Specifically, in the sample of men, spending between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring is associated with 1.3 times greater hazard of divorce as compared to spending between $500 and $2,000.”

The paper goes on stating that in cases where a marriage costs less than $1,000, the probability of couples ending their relationships is decreased. Wheres, in cases where the couple spends more than $20,000 in their wedding, the chances they’ll separate will be 1.6 times higher.

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While, regarding the honeymoon, the professors state that this one factor does not have an impact on a couple’s marriage length, saying that it is “significantly associated with a lower hazard of divorce.”

Physical attraction is also a huge factor in a marriage’s length. Mialon revealed:

“Reporting that one’s partner’s looks were important in the decision to marry is significantly associated with shorter marriage duration.”

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However, not necessarily the price of a union defines and determines the length of one’s marriage, although it plays a huge role.

A genuine friendship with the spouse is the key to staying together and having a healthy relationship, this, according to a study which was published in Family Therapy back in 2001 after surveying 15 heterosexual couples who have been married for 35 years or more.

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The study reads as below:

“Friendship and love, among several other factors, appear to be not only a benefit of the long-term marriage but a cause. “The responses of the fifteen couples in this study indicate a marriage that is woven together tightly due to similarities that may have existed in the beginning, or perhaps have developed through the years together.”

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It was also proven that despite a short adjustment period, having children will more likely strengthen a couple’s bond. Another significant factor that added to a marriage’s longevity is the spouses’ mutual understanding of what their union means to them.

The authors conclude:

“A long-term and satisfying marriage is not merely a matter of finding someone who can make you happy,”

“It is a matter of two people who have a shared understanding of what their marriage means for them.”

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