Subtle ‘Helix’ Tattoos Are The Newest Ear Ink Trend

With single, double and cartilage piercings, there are just so many ways to decorate your ears. But just when you thought that an ear trend could reach its peak and there are no more ways to embellish your ears, you are proven wrong. Instagram practically invents a new trend every single day, and the same goes for tattoos as well. Helix tattoos are the new craze on the social media app.

It’s seriously gorgeous.

The delicate tattoos adorn people’s cartilage and slightly give the appearance of an ear cuff or cartilage ring. If you are a lover of tiny and subtle things, this trend is a must-have. Even tattoo skeptics will fall in love with them.

Check out the selection of some of the best helix tattoo designs below, courtesy of HuffingtonPost.

1. Handpoke ear lines

2. Tiny flowers

3. Can it get subtler than this?

4. Subtle

5. Minimalist

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6. Perfect dots

7. Dots are everywhere

8. Rainbow colors

9. Piercing plus subtle tattoos

Here are some unique tiny zodiac tattoos.

Source: huffingtonpost

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