Sudanese-Australian Model Wins Model Of The Year Award, Beating Gigi Hadid And Many Others

Nope, it’s not Gigi, Bella, nor Kendall — the model of the year award goes to Sudanese-Australian model, Adut Akech Bior. The 19-year-old was voted the best by the industry for Industry Awards.

Adut beat models like Ashley Graham, Gigi, and Bella Hadid to be named the Model of the Year by the fashion industry members.

Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid, 23, got the reader’s choice vote for the female model of the year. And the reader’s choice runner-up award went to her sister, Bella, 22.

Adut Akech Bior attending The Fashion Awards in 2018

This achievement comes following the model’s revelation about her struggle with anxiety and depression.

Adut started her modeling career at 16 and recently took to Instagram to open up about suffering ‘from really bad depression and anxiety,’ despite her successful career.

The 19-year-old model revealed she is still learning to cope with her mental illness, adding she still feels overwhelmed sometimes.

sudanese-australian model wins model of the year

Adut went on, saying:

I’m learning to handle it better now but it’s a daily struggle and not every day is a ”good” day.’ Every single day of my life in 2018 was a challenge, filled with some serious obstacles to overcome. I would wake up every morning crying but put the biggest smile on my face and tried my hardest to push through the day pretending I was fine, then I’d come home and cry some more and go to sleep.

The model was born in a refugee camp in South Sudan, and she was seven years old when she first arrived in Adelaide. She was picked by creative director Karl Lagerfeld in 2018 as the first black Chanel bride at the Couture Week in over a decade. The previous black Chanel bride was Alex Wek, a British-Sudanese model who walked the runway in 2004.

sudanese-australian model wins model of the year
Gigi Hadid in NYC in December, 2018/ Getty Images

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Source: Dailymail