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Summer Tie-Dye Hair Trend From Every Angle

Summer Tie-Dye Hair Trend From Every Angle

Isn’t summer the perfect excuse to change your hair color? Well, for me every random day can be a good excuse to change my hair color. Basically, my hair color depends on my mood. Just like the mood ring which reacts to air and body temperature, the same goes for my hair. If my blood is boiling, well my hair color can reflect that. And if it’s cold and gloomy darker shades of purple may fit.

Stylist Kelsey Pebler, based in St. Paul, Minnesota has just come with some very interesting ideas about hair color. This year she wanted to step up her game with the colors she created. People are calling it Tie-dye hair. It resembles with the tie-dye shirts and Pebler made hair look exactly like it. She uses Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dyes in pink, green and blue shades of color and blends them into client’s hair, which results in a tie-dye pattern. “I started looking at different linear designs and was really inspired by Southwestern prints” says Pebler. But after using these colors, she saw a tie-dye-pattern created in the hair. And this became even more visible after drying the hair. “So, I started with a different idea, but it transformed into something else… as art does sometimes.”

Scroll down to see how tie-dye hair looks like and how she does it:

Unicorn hair, don’t care!

This Tie Dyed color and makeup are screaming Coachella!

Who wouldn’t want to buy these magical dyes?


Let’s see how she uses these colors to achieve the perfect unicorn-like result:

See how versatile this look can be.

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I would go with the ‘Strawberry Jam’. Yum!


They are definitely a must!


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