The Checkout Line In This Supermarket Moves Very Slowly And This Is Why

What’s the worst part about going to a supermarket, you wonder? I think it’s safe to say the waiting lines because when they’re busy and long, you get stuck there waiting, and if you’re in a rush, it could get especially arduous and tiring.

And it gets even more irritating is when you’re in a hurry and have just a few items with you. However, the people who make the others wait feel pressured to do so. So, no one wins here.

When costumers at this particular grocery store were a part of a very slow lane, there was a sign near the register that explained everything.



This specific Tesco, located in Forres, Scotland, noticed that some people need more time when it comes to paying for their items so they came up with a special lane where they wouldn’t feel rushed for anything.

This lane would be helpful especially for people who struggle with issues like dementia. People who have memory loss can also mess up when it’s time to find their cash or credit cards.

The lane is available for those with autism too, social anxiety and even parents who are shopping with small children.


Facebook/Tesco Forres

The store created the “relaxed checkout lane.” This lane allows costumers to talk with the cashier, ask for help and just take their time.

The idea first came when a dementia advisor for Alzheimer Scotland, Wendy Menzies visited the store to deliver dementia awareness seminar.

The community has a lot of people battling Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and 25 percent of them live alone.



An employee recommended to create a more relaxed space for people who need it.

Wendy told TODAY:

“It can help take some of the pressure off and hopefully then it will encourage people to still go out and about and participate in things that they’ve always done.”

This lane is open certain days a week and the cashiers are trained by Alzheimer Scotland to give the customers the best experience ever.


Facebook/Tesco Forres

There’s a sign that warns out the costumers why there may be a wait. It says:


Feel free to take as long as you need to go through this checkout today

Please be aware that you may experience a wait to complete your transaction

Thank you”

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 5 million Americans are dealing with this debilitating disease. This is such a great way to make shopping easier and more comfortable for them.

Source: Faithtap