12 Surprising Reasons Why Men Date Much Younger Women

Many men fantasize about dating younger women in their life, and that’s more than obvious. But why does it happen? It’s true that they can’t resist the beauty of young women, but there must be something else to it, too. So, why is this the case? Here are 12 surprising reasons compiled by Auntyacid.

1. Younger women have better stamina


It’s a simple fact that young women have more stamina and they don’t suffer from joint pain that might affect their sex life, for instance. Older men love this fact.

2. Men get a feeling of accomplishment


Men’s mid-life crisis usually centres around their fears that they are not that attractive anymore. That’s why they doubt their position in life and look for validation. Dating a young woman is one of the examples.

3. Younger bodies in general


It doesn’t come as a surprise that men are very attracted to younger bodies. It is also connected to a biological bias. Younger women are at their prime baby-making age.

4. These women will probably take a breakup better


Younger women are aware that they have their whole life ahead of them, and they don’t worry about who they would date next. Older men love this.

5. The relationship can stay anonymous


When they are at a different age, they may not want to socialize outside. No one will have to know they are in a relationship, so they usually keep it a secret.

6. Younger bodies are more flexible


Sadly, we come to the sexual aspect of the relationship again. Younger bodies are both flexible in terms of bodies and mindset, which allows for older men to fulfill thei fantasies. Anyway, older women can be flexible, too, so don’t get all desperate.

7. It’s not as stressful


Often times, the man doesn’t have to worry about the long-term factors hile dating a much younger woman.

8. No-strings-attached fun


A big factor in this curious attraction is the casual nature of the relationship. Younger women are still exploring, so it’s a double win.

9. It puts them in a position of power


In these kinds of relationships, the man is usually more experienced and it kinda brings him power in the relationship. However, it is not always the case. Some young women are more authoritative than old men.

10. It does wonders for the man’s ego


Men care about their ego. Walking in public with a much younger woman will do wonders for the man’s ego. Many men find this situation appealing.

11. They’re less likely to be rejected


There are many young women who prefer older men in general. But whatever the age, men fear being rejected. When women see the value of an older man, they are less likely to reject them.

12. It’s exciting for them


While older men would have a lot of life experiences under their belt, dating a much younger woman is yet another adventurous experience.

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Source: auntyacid