Swedish Instagram Star Tells Her Followers She Wants To Date A Scottish Man

The famous Swedish star, Ines Helene – for those of you still unfamiliar – one of the world’s most famous Instagram models with over two million followers on Instagram shook the internet the other day. She got a lot of attention when she put an online appeal asking to date a Scottish man. She wanted a man who can talk “in Scottish” to her, have a “Scottish laugh” and then “make out” with her.

Naturally, a lot of her followers on Twitter replied asking to be her heart-throb. Can you blame them?


In case you were wondering why she has that many followers, observe:


She wrote: “I want a Scottish man to take me on a date and talk to me in Scottish and laugh at my witty banter in a Scottish laugh then make out with me.”


And MAN, did she get replies!!

Look at all this:

Kevin Rafferty: “Right no problem darling. Edinburgh Castle 8pm tonight. I’ll be the one in the kilt.”

Mikey: “When and where? I’m sure I can catch a wee haggis for some scran”, along with a winky emoji.

Danny Lawson: “Ya dancer ye, far do we sign hen?”

Christopher Dodds: “I’m a ginger Scottish so surely she’s mine? If she wants a disappointing night then I’m perfect.”

Aaron Todd: “S’appening Ines? Grab yir jaiket yuv pult..”

Others were a bit more crass:

David Mudie: “Can I bring the wife?”

“And I want a Swedish burd to take oot and talk tae and laugh at yer snash afore gieing ye a right good pumping.”


Obviously these replies are awesome giggling material. And this dress? Do you think it’s a subtle way of going further with her Scottish wish?





Some non-Scots men also tried their luck, and it’s hillarious:

“Giz a Swatch of your f***y.”

“Let me introduce myself Hamish McTavish is my name. Och aye the noo.”

“I can play the bagpipes if that’s enough.”

Even one who was playing hard to get: “Sorry I’m busy ironing my kilt tonight darling,” a guy named Frank McKeown wrote.


Maybe a beautiful friendship will be born out of this jest?





Despite all of the comments, Ines didn’t appear to be swept off her feat by all the attention/response she got.

Ah, well. The quest continues. And we bid thee good luck, Ines.

Source: dailymail

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