16 Times A Sweet Grandparent Tried Their Best

Our grandparents are people that always make us believe in humanity more, teaching us about life through their life experiences. Their homes are always warm and welcoming. The smell of freshly baked cookies or bread luring you to come in and taste them no matter how hard you have tried to stay on a diet.

A grandmother would never allow a grandchild to leave her house before she feeds them. Or, give them something for the way. Or for school tomorrow. A gift from your grandparent can make your heart melt. They are irresistibly funny and charming, too. Scroll down to see the list of adorable pictures where the elderly tried their very best, sometimes without success but with a lot of self-confidence, compiled by Diply.

1. When their intentions are nothing but good


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2. Botching family pictures is basically the first thing grandma learns as her first grand-baby exits the womb

Whenever they managed to take a picture it is probably always blurred. At least this one isn’t. 2

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3. We do live in a surveillance society and resistance is not yet futile

Naively good and hopeful.


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4. The best part about the elderly is that they’re usually super friendly in any social situation

The husband, the kids, the grandkid, the cat and the dog have to be fed. Also the neighbors and the ducks, too.4

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5. It’s not your grandparent’s fault that you have those initials

She got you the perfect present, what else could you possibly ask for?


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6. At least he tried

It’s probably the most ineffective effort ever, but it still counts, right?


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7. If this manages to leave you indifferent, then you’re clearly devoid of human emotion


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8. Never expect that grandma will let your single status slide

She has already booked the place for your big day.

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9. She’s not wrong

At least what you could do is be thankful that she is being honest, right?


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10. They always think ahead of you. In a different way.

This is one way to do it. Don’t attempt to explain how text messaging actually works.


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11. When your grandmother’s knitting skills exceed any reasonable expectations you may have

She is beyond talented, creative and skillful, so you need to just accept that.


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12. This is basically the best gift anyone could ever receive


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13. Your grandma should be the only lady you need gassing you up


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14. This is basic grandma etiquette

Every visit to your grandmother’s usually includes cookies or your favorite dessert, and tea or coffee as well as some cash.


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15. This sounds like a fun game

Always count me in whenever free food is involved


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16. Helping and “helping” are two different things

But when it comes to grandparents, any effort counts.


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