15 Pictures With Creatures In The Water, Would You Ever Dare To Swim With Them?

Are you a fan of the sea? It’s mesmerizing with its beautiful color and waves and all you want to do is relax and take a good swim. Sometimes it is really quiet and especially if you are swimming far away, where there are no people, it seems a little frightening. You start to think the worst scenarios and have a little panic attack. I mean, you should be, there are a lot of dangerous things deep in. So, before you head off to go swimming in the sea or the river with your friends, you should probably see this. Here are 15 dangerous things that might happen during your careless swim, courtesy of Media.

1. The race for survival



2. The road down into the abyss

This is SO scary!


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3. Imagine how much its sting would hurt!


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4. Remember that film, Anaconda?

Well, it’s real!


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5. Just sitting here and hoping I would never see one of these in my life


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6. That’s not special effects. That’s real!


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7. Wait, is that a water snake? HUGE!


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8. A life-threatening encounter

Think twice before you meditate under water next time!


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9. This nearly made me faint!


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10. That octopus is too friendly for my taste


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11. I wasn’t expecting that!


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12. Hopefully, that shark is just passing by

Although that’s highly unlikely.


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13. That’s just algae, but scares me to death!

Wait, is it really algae or some deadly snakes? Run, swimmers, run while you can!


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14. The silence of the deep


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15. The heaviest living thing on Earth is the blue whale. SO big!

Just look at that comparison with the tiny boat and you will be amazed.


Yeah, kinda gonna swim near the beach this year. Or, here is an idea of how you can design your own swimming pool in the garden.

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