Swimsuits Designs With Magnets And Fasteners That Every Mom Needs For The Little Girls

Let us imagine this scenario. It’s a sunny summer day and you and your little girls decide to go to the swimming pool. Your little girls are wearing those one-piece swimming suits that it’s hard to take off in case they have bathroom visits or diaper changes. What do you do to save time and save yourself from not being frustrated?

Alexis Castellano and Jill Slater are two mums who found the solution for you. These two women created girls’ swimsuits that come undone at the waist with the use of magnets and fasteners. “We’re two moms that just wanted to make our lives easier,” Castellano told HuffPost. These moms launched their company back in 2014 and named it “Fasten”.



wimsuits Designs With Magnets And Fasteners


It was Castellano’s mom – a retired fashion designer that helped them with the idea of the one-piece bathing suits. Now in their company, you can find swimsuits in sizes 6 months, 12 months and 18 months and also for older girls up to ten years. As for the larger sizes they have a magnet on the back that keeps the suit out of the way when it’s undone.

See the procedure for how these swimsuits work:

If you’re interested in the prices, everything in there is currently under $40. You can also find leotards almost with the same design.

Since Castellano and Slater started the company, they said many parents of children with disabilities thanked them for the designs: “We’ve heard from a lot of them. Many of their kids do water therapy. They’re in the pool a lot, so it makes sense.” Castellano said.





wimsuits Designs With Magnets And Fasteners


We really love the adaptive aspect of the suits. We’re not just making an everyday mom’s life easier. We’re helping the community to feel like they can wear the bathing suit just like anyone else.” Castellano continued speaking for HuffingtonPost.

The company’s practical items are sought by many parents and due to many requests, this time they are going to put up the next collection earlier than predicted. They expect to ship it in November. Castellano said that they wanted to expand the company in the future as many women asked to make such designs for them also. This year they wanted to but they didn’t have enough money.

Also, she added that “She and Slater would like to team up with large companies like Target and Zappos that are paving the way for more inclusive clothing — such as adaptive, plus-size and maternity wear — and license Fasten’s patented design to ensure swimwear is included in such collections.”

Well, we’d really like to have such designs for grown-ups too!


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Source: Huffingtonpost