What Is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome And What It Has To Do With Excessive Body Hair

Some women are embarrassed by the unwanted hair on their body and that is why they are constantly purchasing and trying hair removal products. However, unwanted hair is not always a superficial problem, in fact, it goes deeper than that.


Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is really a more common problem than you can imagine and it is also the cause of unwanted facial hair more often than one would think.

Harnaam Kaur is a body positive activist who went viral because of her excessive body hair. The so-called Bearded Lady is now encouraging women to accept themselves as they are, whether they fit the society’s definition of acceptable or not. This UK activist also became a Guinness World Records holder in 2016 because of her body hair and she has opened up about her PCOS problem as well.


Besides loving your body, you should also be aware that it is really important to understand PCOS and its causes and symptoms. It can be a cause of illnesses like cancer, type 2 diabetes, and infertility, according to the Mayo Clinic. Keep reading to learn more about PCOS, courtesy of StyleCraze.

Decoding PCOS


The Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal imbalance in women when their body produces more male hormones (testosterone) than necessary. The female bodies produce estrogen, the female hormone as well as testosterone, the male hormone. If you suffer from PCOS the body produces extra testosterone which leads to excess and unwanted hair and irregular menstrual cycles.

Even though it is still unclear what causes PCOS, there are some factors that influence its appearance, like genetics or how resistant you are to insulin. According to studies, more than 70% of females don’t even realize that they suffer from the imbalance. And many of them who do know ignore it or neglect it, which makes it more dangerous.

Telltale signs

If you have unnaturally thick hair above your lips or on your chin maybe you should see a doctor instead of going to a salon to remove them. The excess hair is a direct effect of the excess testosterone produced in your body.


Also, weight gain in a short period of time can be a sign of PCOS, since the hormonal imbalance sends the body’s metabolism into a tizzy which is why it becomes very difficult to lose the excess weight.

Another sign of PCOS might be mood swings. Even though women suffer from this every single month during PMS, if the body suffers from PCOS, there will be mood swings galore, and in some cases, maybe even depression and headaches.


Many women ignore these signs and signals that their body indicates and don’t visit their doctor. So, if you recognize some of these symptoms you should go and consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Source: stylecraze

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