Taco-Inspired Makeup Is The New Internet Craze

The art of makeup has been developing in strange ways lately. Take the eyebrows rends, for instance. From McDonald’s to Christmas tree eyebrows, you ‘ve probably rolled your eyes at any of them, let alone trying them. But I don’t think anyone has ever tried to achieve this with their eyes – taco eyelids! Have you ever noticed that eyes are taco-shaped? Well, me neither, but now you do. The world is realizing they can turn their eyelids into a taco! This taco-inspired makeup should be on your to-do list!

#TacoMakeup is a real thing over the internet. The trend has been followed by beauty bloggers, influencers, and taco lovers as well. It’s doing its best to become a great trend.

Let’s take a look at this strange way to express your feelings about a taco and Mexican food.

Here are some examples of people who have tried it.

1. Taco-shaped is not the right word for this type of makeup.

It’s a real taco we are talking about!


Instagram | @x0mandaa

2. This does not even look bad.

It’s just using the right shade.


YouTube | Frances Jay

3. Can I also get some fries with that?


Instagram | @pyroquinn

4. “I batted my taco eyelids seductively at my husband hoping he would find me irresistible and want to take a bite out of me. Did it work? Yeah, not so much.”

This Instagrammer’s post is so “seductive”.


Instagram | @byclaudya

5. Beauty and the Beast, or the Feast?

Looking delicious!


Taco Bell

6. When they do it on one eye only, it simply doesn’ look that well.

At least some women are trying diffeent versions of it. It’s called experimenting with makeup!


Instagram | @randimann

Would you be the one to try this taco-inspired makeup? Or would you run away as quickly as you can if someone forces you to try it?

If you are a makeup enthusiast, these 15 pictures are bound to make you a bit uncomfortable.

Source: Diply