10 Creative And Genius Tattoos Designed Around People’s Body Scars

When you set your mind to getting a tattoo, all you find yourself doing while on your free time is looking at tattoo artists and scrolling through the skills and the art they have to offer. I mean, I know, I’ve been there.

It’s quite difficult to decide since it’s permanent. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get a tattoo in a specific area in your body, but don’t know exactly what kind of tattoo. Or maybe you’ve always been fond of a particular piece but are indecisive when it comes to the placement of the ink. There are many things that tend to cross the mind when we’re talking about tattoos, getting them done, choosing an artist, picking a design/area. But, if you’re satisfied in the end – it will all be worth it.

However, the latest trend nowadays is to use birthmarks and body scars as a starting point for tattoos. And the results are as you might expect. Absolutely stunning. Scars are there to remind us that we have been through something, we rose above the life-threatening situation and we managed to breathe in fresh air. So, instead of hiding them, try turning them into something even more beautiful with these tattoo ideas.


1. Beautiful

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2. So clever

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3. Colorful and creative

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4. An incredible design

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5. Quirky and cool

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6. Wow!

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7. Flower design down the spine

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8. This is so cool

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9. Zippers are a popular theme

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10. A powerful image

tattoos body scars
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Which one is your favorite? Personally, I believe they are all unique in their own ways. Each and every one of them represents something about a person, it holds their story. And I love seeing people embracing their true selves without the fear of being judged or not being liked. It is truly empowering, and what we need to see most.


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