12 Creative Tattoos People Used To Cover Up Their Birthmarks

Considering tattoos are pretty permanent, most people, when they get a tattoo they choose to get something with a personal meaning, whether it’s a tribute to a loved one, matching tattoos with someone special, or just something that reminds them of a particular period in their lives.

But some may get them because they appreciate art, and that’s technically what tattoos are – small pieces of art you can wear with you always, while others might just like the way they look. Really, the reasons are endless and personal for everyone.

However, lately, we’ve also seen people getting tattoos to either cover up or add to an already existing scar or birthmark and in most cases, the results are truly stunning.

Having a birthmark myself, I am a firm believer you should wear them with pride and never try to cover them up – except with SPF, of course. They make you a little different and unique. But of course, people are all different and some may feel insecure about them, or maybe they just want to make their birthmark even more one-of-a-kind, in which case, these tattoos are perfect.

So, scroll down to see a list of people who found a stunning way to transform their birthmarks:


1. This person has their life mapped out – so they never lose direction.

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2. You can never go wrong with flowers.

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3. A reminder that even if you go slow, go steady.

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4. When I say this is mind-blowing, I’m not just saying it for the pun.

Credit: Reddit/ DasUberSpud


5. The cookie monster knows what’s important in life.

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6. I can practically hear the sound in my head…

Credit: Reddit/ jh89th


7. This is like an optical illusion.

Credit: Reddit/ ewanavenger


8. I guess you can say the tattoo artist has a ‘sharp eye’ for detail.

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9. I suppose, ‘Go big or go home’ counts here.

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10. How lit, am I right?

tattoos to cover up birthmarks


11. So subtle, but so satisfying.

tattoos to cover up birthmarks
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12. And finally, a reminder of where you’d probably rather be right now.

tattoos to cover up birthmarks

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