12+ Tattoos And The Stories Behind Them

Whether it’s a quote or any other design, chose carefully what you want to get inked on your skin permanently. Anyhow, it’s not hard finding the perfect tattoo. Everyone has stories and these stories make the best tattoos. It can be a simple detail, a date, a name or even a picture. People have shared their stories on the Internet, and today we’re sharing a collection of tattoos with these stories.

1. A very meaningful tattoo

meaningful tattoos

Source: © Weldeer / reddit

“My mom’s tattoo of her mom’s birth and death date, and heartbeat into a signature. When she passes, I will get the same tattoo (relating to her of course) in her memory.”


2. The mother of dragons


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Emilia Clarke took to Instagram to share her new tattoo, with the caption: “MOD 4 LYFE!!!!🔥 @_dr_woo_ made sure this mama ain’t NEVER forgetting her babies…”


3. Incredible 3D effect tattoo

meaningful tattoos

Source: © mountaindewyou / imgur

This is not a regular tattoo, it’s a cool tattoo! And it looks pretty realistic. Shout out to the artist that did this!


4. Honoring her late mother

Source: © acmkoch / reddit

“Shortly after my mother’s death in Nov 2013, I found a notebook where she had written a random note to my sisters and I that we had never received. This was part of it and I decided to get a tattoo of it.”


5. Artception

Source: © justeuntattoo

Amazing work of art!

6. Impressive!

Source: © Vikingsson / reddit

“Moved from Sydney to Ireland when I was 10. I’m 20 now and here’s my first tattoo.”


7. A perfectly done tattoo

Source: © Alina Fokina / instagram

He must really love spinach!


8. So sweet!

Source: © -Primum_Non_Nocere- / reddit

“After her son passed away, this awesome lady got the image and writing from a card he’d written for her tattooed on her forearm.”


9. Rise like a Phoenix

Source: © mattrick88 / reddit

An excellent way of covering a 3rd-degree burn scar.


10. Falcon punch tattoo

Source: © PoonanjiMarsha / reddit

The blue line is a nice detail. Just be careful not to hit someone with that falcon punch.


11. Interesting idea!

Source: © ElephantErik / reddit

“The wife and I got tattoos of a diagram depicting the position of the planets as they were at the exact time we were married.”


12. A touching tribute

Source: © PleaseBeSafeGuys / reddit

“About a month ago, I lost a friend in a climbing accident. This is my reminder of him as well as a reminder to myself to climb safe.”


13. I can’t handle how cute this cat is!

meaningful tattoos

Source: © Mikalbbb / reddit

“My girlfriend’s tattoo of her cat in a shark costume and her actual cat in a shark costume”


14. A beekeeper’s tattoo

meaningful tattoos

Source: © Fidellio / reddit

A couple of beekeepers got this tattoo. So cute! I wouldn’t shake their hands without first making sure that’s a tattoo, though.


15. A proud owner of a dog

meaningful tattoos

Source: © sunshineandpopcorn / reddit

“This is my dog and I.”


16. A true artist

meaningful tattoos

Source: © menacetattoo / instagram

You’ll never get bored with this tattoo. 2 in 1!


17. Entropy

meaningful tattoos

Source: © Itsjustcavan / reddit]

Good thing he/she didn’t write the whole meaning of entropy there.


Do you have any similar tattoos? Tell us about their stories in the comments section.


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