This Is Why Taylor Swift Fans Are Spamming Kim K’s Latest Instagram Post

You do not want to mess with Taylor Swift or her fans because they will come for you and producer Diplo knows that. Even though he had his share of unfortunate run-ins with Taylor’s fans, they are mostly after Kimye.

Just recently, Taylor’s fans have been out hunting for blood. They have been spamming Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post with some rat emojis. She posted a throwback picture of her on set of Kanye’s music video “Famous.”

The song and the video take jabs at the singer which can be a response from Kim after the Taylor’s new album named Reputation which is full of Kanye disses.


Instagram | @kimkardashian

Kim called the singer a snake which made her fans choose the rat emoji since snakes eat rats. If you take some time to scroll through Kim’s picture, you can see a lot of comments from Taylor’s fans trolling with emojis.

But Kim has over 100 million followers, so it definitely takes a lot of people to overwhelm her comment section like they did.


Perez HiltonMTV

People thought that all the trolling was “karma” for Kim. While it’s normal to mention each other in music like rappers do, things can go too far when social media creates a mob mentality.


Instagram | @kimkardashianShe Knows

There is a good lesson to be learned here. Do not mess with Taylor’s fans. Even though their methods are a little harsh, but they’re definitely a fan base you should stay away from. We can’t keep our popcorn down and we certainly can’t ignore the drama!


What do you guys think about all the drama? On which side are you? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: diply