Teen Posts Video On TikTok Inside Smashed Car Minutes After The Accident

TikTok is all about those short musical videos where young people lip-sync, sing or dance with their favorite hip hop songs. But would one think about TikTok if one had a car accident? Apparently a 16-year-old from Pittsburgh together with her friend did. The teen named Katie Cornetti recorded a video inside a crashed car and posted it on TikTok two weeks after the accident.
At first, it looks just a normal video. But as soon as she starts moving her phone, we realize that the windows of the car are shattered and the girls are upside-down. Cornetti said recording that video “helped them cope”.

Some of the pictures from the jarring occurrence:

teen posts video after accident

Katie told The Daily Dot that she chose the song named “STUPID” from Ashnikko and began recording herself and her friend Marissa Bordas as they hung suspended for 20 minutes inside the car. The girls were waiting for the police and other emergency services to arrive.

The clip showed the girls to be physically fine and fortunately, they suffered only minor injuries.

In the same interview with The Daily Dot, Cornetti added that it was an improperly mounted tire that caused the accident as her friend Marissa Bordas was driving. Whereas they said that they were on their way to get smoothies when the tire caused the car to flip. Cornetti added further: “The car basically just like flipped twice, went through a fence.”
After they ensured to be fine, recording that video on TikTok helped them cope with humor in that waiting time. Katie seems to know the absurdity of the video as she said: “Who takes a TikTok when they are flipped over in a car, stuck?”

Their video went viral in TikTok and Twitter and many people commented on their situation. The famous Youtuber Zane Hijazi retweeted their post writing:

Source: zane

Later, the girls made another TikTok video where they said that they weren’t on their phones when the accident happened.



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