This Teen Made Her Own Gorgeous Dress The Night Before Prom

Prom is a pretty big occasion and the prom dress is just as important. But what happens if you decide at the last moment that you do want to go to prom after all but you don’t have a dress. Well, you get creative and make your own dress. At least that what Shami Oshun did. The 17-year-old girl from California grabbed some purple netting and made her own gorgeous dress.


Shami (right) with her bestie, Diamond Tang.

“My best friend really wanted to go and I didn’t want her to go alone,” Shami told HuffPost.

Shami, who loves sewing and has bee doing it since she was a little girl, used $15 to buy some fabric and she got to work. The 17-year-old even has her online store

“I was like, ‘Oh yay, prom! An excuse to make a really fancy dress.’”


One day before prom Shami created a unique purple dress using an old mini dress as a base. She also added embellishment details from other clothes.

She has been documented her design work and progress on Twitter.

The girl was so committed to her work that she even stepped on a needle that her dad had to pull out. But it was all worth in the end.

“Once I got to the top of the dress, my machine broke, so I had to hand stitch the rest,” she said.

She loved the time pressure and said that made her even more creative.

“I felt like I was on ‘Project Runway’!” she told HuffPost with a laugh.


The purple dress looks absolutely gorgeous and the girl is stunning.


It took Shami around five hours for this beautiful creation.


“I got a lot of compliments at prom,” Shami said.


Shami and her best friend ready for prom.

Twitter loved the dressed too.

However, the girl had to take off the bottom part of the dress because the flowers made the dress to heavy.


Her bestfriend and her altered the dress, however Shami still took home the fabric.

“I checked it into coat check,” she said with a giggle. “Then I took it home!”

Tim Gunn would be proud.

Source: huffingtonpost

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