Teen With Down Syndrome Scores In High School Basketball Final

Alyna Macias is not an ordinary girl; the young Arizonian absolutely loves basketball and has been practicing the beautiful game for some time, but didn’t really have the chance to really shine until recently. It all changed on February 2, when Alyna, who has Down syndrome, got the chance to play her first basketball game after having managed her school team for the season. When she scored her first points, a dream finally came true.

Alyna Macias was the team manager for the Tucson Badgers for the duration of the season, before the Badgers’ head coach promised her she would play in the final game. And she did!


Twitter | @kyaunaluna

On February 2, during the final game of the season, with the scores tied at 5-5, Alyna was sent out on the court in the third quarter.

Though she missed her first two shots, Alyna made the third; at that moment, both sides of the crowd erupted in cheers and jumped for joy!


Twitter | @kyaunaluna

That was not all… A quarter is a long time in basketball!

But Alyna wasn’t done. She succeeded in scoring one more time before leaving the court. She brought the score to 9-5! After returning to the bench, all her teammates high-fived her, before she was given a bouquet of roses and a bunch of balloons after the game.

“It was crazy and something you don’t see from a lot of schools,” her father Edgar told ALLSPORTSTUCSON. “We couldn’t have done this without Tucson and Flowing Wells.”

“I like to shoot hoops,” Alyna added, “I had fun tonight.”

Happy moments for his talented lady!

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Source: Diply