A French Teenager’s Head Doubles In Size Due To An Allergic Reaction

An English student from Paris suffered a horrible allergic reaction from a hair dye, and now she’s sharing her story.

Estelle was trying to change her looks when she bought an at-home hair dye, which resulted in her head to double in size. The head swelling left her struggling to breathe, and she almost died. The almost-fatal allergic reaction was caused by the chemical PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), which is usually found in our beauty products.

The 19-year-old French student bought the hair dye at a local supermarket and applied the product according to the instructions in the packet. But while she followed the patch test before the application, she waited only 30 minutes rather than the recommended 48 hours.

Soon afterward, Estelle noticed irritation on her scalp, and then her head started swelling. She then took antihistamines to help with the swelling, but the condition just got worse.

The following morning, she explains, her head had swollen to 63 cm, more than the average of 56 cm. She spoke for Le Parisien, saying:

I could not breathe, I had a light bulb head.

 teenager's head doubles in size after allergic reaction

The student was rushed to A&E where she experienced tongue swelling as well and was given an injection of adrenaline. Estelle stayed there overnight and thankfully, made a full recovery, though she can still notice the hints of swelling.

After admitting her mistake for not following the patch test instructions, Estelle is now warning others about the dangers of PPD, which is the most common cause of allergic reactions to hair dye.

 teenager's head doubles in size after allergic reaction

PPD is a component in permanent colors, found in most shades, especially darker ones. The maximum limit of PPD for any substance applied to the hair is 2 percent, and there must be warnings and instructions in every package.

The tourist spots that usually offer black henna tattoos, oftentimes use PPD illegally.


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Source: Dailymail